Ched Markay, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Holg MARK:RITE Articulating Papers, is a small, fourth generation, family owned and operated company.

For over a century articulating paper has been our specialty.

We are devoted to producing, by hand, the finest articulating paper that can be made.

We are committed to the excellence of our articulating papers because as a dental industry professional you deserve the very best.  

We are proud of the superior marking performance of MARK:RITE articulating paper and we put our Holg family name on every box.

We are honored by the trust of four generations of dentists who have relied on Holg MARK:RITE Articulating Papers for their most demanding marking requirements.

Thank you.

      If you should have any questions regarding our Holg Mark:Rite articulating             papers, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

e-mail markritepaper@att.net                         Tel: 847.566.3307                                            Fax: 847.566.2328

                                                 Holg MARK:RITE Articulating Paper    

                                                       THE MARK OF EXCELLENCE          

                                                     Since 1896  -  Made in the U.S.A.

                                     A Charles Holg Product    -    Distributed by CHED MARKAY, INC.          

                                                          Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved


Holg MARK:RITE Articulating Papers

                   Manufactured & Distributed by CHED MARKAY, INC.